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Self-taught multidisciplinary artists in Oklahoma. My work uses color, texture, and lines to evoke emotions. Being introduced to modern art in high school led me to work on art in my spare time.

After studying Strategic Communications at the University of Central Oklahoma, I spent 8 years in marketing while continuing to practice drawing as a hobby. I left the marketing industry to pursue art full-time in 2022.


My work has been featured in group exhibitions at galleries in Oklahoma City, including the Paseo Arts Association, Forma, Optics & Art, and the Art Hall.

I currently live and work from my home in Edmond, Oklahoma.


Every point of life is connected to your past.

When creating works on paper my process includes making hard marks and working quickly, leaving the framework of the art exposed. This reflects the development and history within human existence. It's important to me that my work show human error, adjustments, and the collaboration of bringing the beginning of the piece together in harmony with the end result.

Creating visual timeline of the life of the piece is a reflection of how our compounded life experiences create the beauty of who we are in the

present moment.

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